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An Honors Thesis Project

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First Pin Up

School has started!  Back to the grind.  This is my final semester of my architecture undergraduate career…so this is it! #noregrets #thesisisfun –that was the first time I hash-tagged.  Seriously.

Here is my work for our first pin up of the semester:

C:UsersMeredithDesktoppinup perspective 2 Model (1)

This is an initial conceptual perspective of how the landscape (sediment mounds) can interact with the built and liquid environment.  I have come up with four basic elements to my project: Water, Sediment, Manufacturing, and the Landscape.  Within each of these elements I have a specified program.  Right now I’m exploring the landscape, and seeing how this landscape exercise can lead me to certain design decisions as I move forward.

pressure points diagram

This diagram is expressing this idea of pressure points laid out over the site.  Some points become more important than others.  I’m exploring what these pressure points mean- suction, accumulation, motion, surfaces (wet or dry), points of interaction and exchange?

This diagram is also showing a series of events that occur over the site.   The images on the left show human and fauna interaction that take place along the site, such as: fishing, boat transport, and industrial activity. The images on the left show the flora progression from the water onto the land: the transition from the water lilies to the tropical plant life inland.


Time is an important factor in my project because my goal is to design a program that can be sustainable throughout the annual environmental changes that occur in Phnom Penh.  This diagram is representing a timeline of a sliver of my site over the course of one year.  Before making this drawing I thought of the art of animation- how do I show movement?  I thought of the cartoon flip books, and that is what inspired this drawing.  Here I am also exploring the pressure points even further- how they change over the course of one year: in the dry season they can become sediment mounds, in the wet season they can generate power from the water to harvest energy.

concept section

This section conceptually shows my thoughts of how to altar the landscape from these pressure points.   Right now mounds are created (mounds are intended to appear during the dry season, but start the process of forming during the wet season).  How can I capture the sediment in the water (dredge) and mitigate this sediment into a surface for human interaction?

Model pictures coming.